Industry Intelligence Reports: Agriculture


There are several US Government sites that provide excellent comprehensive information and statistical data on the agricultural sector in this country. The USDA Economics and Statistics System (// contains about 300 reports and datasets from the economics agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in spreadsheet format (the site also covers international agriculture).


The Briefing Room (// of the US Department of Agriculture offers projections for American agriculture in general, market and trade projections, agriculture outlook, and a variety of data (By state, trade, production and supply, farm income, etc.). Important statistical information (including historical data) is provided by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (// For UK statistics, go to the UK National Statistics (// database.


Another great site covering all aspects of agriculture from breaking news, to market commentary, which also features selected farmers' and agriculture trade magazines is Corn and Soybean Digest (//


Livestock market information is available at LMIC (// - which offers daily market report summaries on livestock and grain, prices and production statistics, and analysis of trends. A virtual library of market information - market reports, quotes and prices, can be found at Market Information Sources (// At AgWeb (//, you can search information on prices, markets and commentary as well as news. Trends analysis for production of meat and livestock trade is provided by The Research Institute on Livestock Pricing (RILP) (// The Agricultural Marketing Service (// provides information on agricultural products standards, market news, and commodities reports.


The Foreign Agricultural Service (// offers market reports and best export prospects for US exporters, as well as Weekly Export Sales, and world production statistics. Read agricultural industry news (by state) at the American Farm Bureau (// Find trade news, and a buyer' guide for the beef business at Beef.Org (//


Check information on grain markets at The National Grain and Feed Association (// or the US Wheat Associates (// A great source for international agriculture news, meat production, and export is the US Meat Export Federation (// Agricultural export and international markets are covered by AgExporter (//


An excellent trade publication (including international coverage) is the annual Agricultural Outlook (//, published by the Economic Research Service of the USDA. For top stories on farming in the US and globally, go to the periodicals: Agriculture Online (//, Agri-View (//, and the US Farm Network (// King Cotton Magazine (// offers specific data on world cotton, production and consumption. Progressive Farmer (// and AgJournal (// both offer a selection of international and domestic news.


CropsDaily (// covers the international crop and commodities markets. The FarmPage (// features news updates and agricultural directories.

Legal and regulatory data can be obtained from the publication AgricultureLaw (// It provides news, full-text statutes, a dictionary of agriculture terms and a glossary of commonly used acronyms.


The American farm Bureau (// offers legislative updates as well. The Risk Management Agency (// of the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides information on crop insurance policies, published regulations, and various publications on crop protection insurance.